One man black metal bands have been a staple of the metal underground for decades. But what about the other genres of extreme metal? Don’t they have functionally antisocial and uncooperative adherents as well? I’m sure every genre has it’s malcontents and misenthropes who have the drive to make music, but who are allergic enough to social interactions, that they can’t stand stand the thought of doing it with anyone else. I’m positive this is true, even though I rarely see it outside of black metal.

Take for instance, Charlie Sad Eyes of Crawl Below. He has a bunch of dude-uno projects you could describe as doom, but as anyone whose has had a passing interaction with him can tell you, he’s a really nice, sociable guy. Maybe all other one person doom metal projects are from people of a comparable disposition. Freindly, sensitive, amiable, but who prefer to work alone.

I don’t know if the man behind human. is as congenial as Charlie, but I can tell you from the title of his debut EP, and the music on it, he does have a bit of a chip on his shoulder. As you may have gathered, human. is a doom metal band where every aspect of their sound is the by-product of a single man’s effort. He has decided to give his first outing the hopeful title, There Will Be a Day Where You Will Know the Pain That You Have Inflicted, and its contents are very reflective of this mood. From the cacophonous, shuttering expiation “Sanctuary I,” to the rush of vengeful hexology of “Upheaval,” to the managing groove hammer of “Decrepit Gaze,” if human.’s creator has any affinity for humanity, there is no sign of it here.

I don’t know anything about who made this record beyond what I’ve already said. The most I can gather is that it’s by someone with an ear for the more repulsive and raw side of doom. And frankly, I don’t need to know anything else to recommend it to you. Strap in and let human.’s angst flow through you.

You can buy and stream human.’s debut EP below via Bandcamp:

Follow human. on Instragram here.


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