Bandcamp of the Day: It’s Bandcamp Friday!

Happy Bandcamp Friday yet again! For those who are new to this, Bandcamp Friday is the first Friday of every month, when Bandcamp waives their normal fees so that more money goes directly to the artists. That means it’s the best day of the month for you to support independent artists. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the musicians you can support today when your money goes even farther.

The Roughies 

The Roughies are a punk rock band from the Bay Area.

They recently dropped  the digital version of their new album called Everywhere’s an Island! on their Bandcamp. In true punk tradition, it’s a fiercely left-wing political album that takes aim at establishment figures. The opening title track is a bit chaotic with some fun and sloppy punk complimented by the nasal and tongue-in-cheek vocals.

Then, “War is a Racket” is a cowpunk-style song about the predatory nature of military recruitment. “Fuck With Impunity” is a ska tune that skewers conservative sexual morals. “Libertarian Cock Rocket” is a really fun play on surf punk that mercilessly taunts libertarianism. “People Who Owned People” is borderline hardcore with the same messy fun as the opening track in a distinctly anti-racism tune. “Never Gets Better” is a folk punk track about global pollution and trying to deal with it within one’s daily life.  Finally, “Throbbing Mob” is a pretty solid pop-punk tune to close out on a really musically fun closer. It’s really interesting to see this band moving between so many disparate punk subgenres.

You should definitely follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with future updates.

The Eating Cave

The Eating Cave are a death metal group out of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

They’re putting out their new album The Miscalculation on April 21, and the first single is available on their Bandcamp page right now where you can also preorder the album on vinyl or CD. The single, entitled “Discovery” features guest vocals from Matt Brown of Demon King. The song starts out with a burst of high speed drumming as the snarling vocals come in, and then chaos ensues as the band lets loose in every direction. The drumming is especially excellent throughout, firing off with the speed of a machine gun.

If you like what you hear, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Boyparts are a lo-fi garage band from Melbourne, Australia.

They just put out their self-titled EP, and it’s streaming right now on their Bandcamp page. The opening track “Washed Away” is a dreamy post-surf track that really benefits from the contrast between the masc and femme vocals. “Blue Sometimes” is more of a breezy little ‘70s/‘80s style post-punk ditty. “After Party” closes the album with just a hint of country added to an indie pop style. Throughout the EP the band maintains a gorgeous sense of melody that makes the whole thing surprisingly warm and comfortable.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up with this band going forward.


Next up on Bandcamp Friday, Semaphore are a post-shoegaze band from Brooklyn, New York.

They’re putting out a new album called I Need a Reason to Stay on March 24, and the first two singles are available on their Bandcamp page right now. Album opener “No One” has that atmospheric quality characteristic of shoegaze but with a distinctly heavier sound and even some metal elements, creating a slow, melodic metal sound reminiscent of the Deftones. Then “Smother” has a bit of a more slick, pop style to it, but it’s still backed by some very powerful guitars.

You can keep up with this artist by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Tristan Heinicke

Tristan Heinicke is an experimental artist out of Seattle, Washington.

His newest album just dropped called Collecting to Remember, and it’s currently streaming on his Bandcamp page. Opening track “HBCDF” begins with what sound like electronic video game sound effects before eventually turning into a brutal metal song for a few seconds and then becoming an experiment in quiet atmosphericness.

“Hydroplane – (music through Stained Glass (Brainfog))” continues, building the atmosphere of the previous track and then turns into a free jazz song for most of the rest of the track. “Listening” provides a brief interlude in the middle of the album with some lightly strummed guitar strings. Then “It Gets Worse” comes in like a deconstructed prog metal song with some more of those video game-style sound effects. Finally, “Happy Birthday (Dear Old Friend)” is basically an experiment in unconventional ways to play an undistorted guitar.

You can follow this artist on Instagram to keep up with his work in the future.

Double Mint Dragon

Double Mint Dragon are a post rock/math rock band from Brooklyn, New York.

They’re putting out their first album called Silver Volt on May 26. They just dropped the first single off the album called “Perky Pat” on their Bandcamp page this morning, where you can also preorder the full digital album. The song starts off with a really poppy math rock style with its syncopated, disjointed rhythms within a very catchy and fun little tune.

Then, for the last two minutes of the track, the band let their post rock side through as the music gets slower and more atmospheric. When the vocals come in they give off Moon and  Antarctica-era Modest Mouse vibes. It’s really a fun and creative tune that bodes well for the rest of the album.

You’ll want to make sure and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Grand Pricks

Last up for this Bandcamp Friday, The Grand Pricks are a pop punk band from Tempe, Arizona.

They recently put out a new album called Filthy Blonde, and it’s streaming on their Bandcamp page now. The album has a distinctive ‘90s Gilman St.-style punk feel but reimagined for 2023. “Read Receipt” starts off the album with a fun guitar riff that sounds like it’s plucked from a pre-Travis Barker Blink-182 album.

The lyrics are especially biting and bitter and make for a really fun hate anthem. “That Girl” has some super fun hooks that are really helped by the keyboards. The lyrics of “That Girl” are absolutely filthy, but if that song offends your delicate sensibilities, then it might be time to turn off the album because “M&Ms” is even more dirty fun. The album ends on its title track, which slows down a little and turns down the distortion in another deeply bitter song.

Make sure you don’t forget to follow this band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

There’s plenty more band to check out and support this Bandcamp Friday. Please do your part to support independent artists like these!

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