Bandcamp of the Day: It’s Bandcamp Friday!

Happy Bandcamp Friday once again! For those who are new to this, Bandcamp Fridays are the first Fridays of every month where Bandcamp waives their normal fee so that more money goes directly to the artist. That means it’s the best day of the month for you to support independent artists. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the artists you can support today when your money goes even farther.

London After Midnight

London After Midnight are a dark, alternative band out of L.A. They recently put out a new album called Oddities Too which is made up of their 1998 Oddities album plus some other remixes and rare tracks. It’s got a very gothic sound that still rocks hard. Opening track “October” is dark and moody, but with a really strong backbeat and some gorgeous guitar riffs. “Hot Stuff” is a deeply gothic cover of the Donna Summer disco classic. “Go Die” is a dark and moody track that sounds like something straight out of a ‘90s goth club. There’s also some really cool, oddball remixes like “The Christmas Song (O2 Mix)” that’s perfect for your morbid Christmas party. There’s also three remixes of their song “Sacrifice,” two of which feature a string quartet. It’s a really fun album that goes dark without leaving you down in the dumps.

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates.


Earthrise are a prog/post-metal band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

They recently put out a new album called Until We Rest Beneath the Winter Way. It’s a big, sprawling, proggy concept album about Laika, the first animal sent into Earth’s orbit, which features lots of death metal-style vocals. The opening track “The New Man” doesn’t miss a beat getting the whole thing started, immediately jumping into the powerful guitars and deep, guttural vocals. “Our Work in the Stars Cannot Wait” is a really fun track as the guitars start coming in and out and then the powerful, complex drumming and deep bass kick in to make for a killer doom track. “Engineers of the Human Soul” has a great sense of melody behind the growling vocal track. “Tears of Burning Light” is a great closer that slowly lurches into a chaotic closing that really pays off as a last track.

You can follow Earthrise on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Psionic Madness

Psionic Madness are a progressive, dissonant deathgrind supergroup out of South Carolina featuring members of Acausal Intrusion, Vølus, Maggot Crown, Feral Lord, and Out of the Mouth of Graves.

They recently put out an album called Rotting Dominion on Vargheist Records. “Necrotizing Miasma” is an epic opening track that starts off with some deep, thundering guitar chords before launching into some complex and furious guitar and drumming behind a classic death metal growl. “Mutated Natural Selection” is a brutal onslaught that starts strong and never lets up. “The Decadence of Near Extinction” is more sludgy, slowing down the track without losing any of the power or complexity. Finally, “A Nuclear Twilight” closes out the album with an eight-minute progressive track that goes through a lot of peaks and valleys before coming to a stunning conclusion.

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Ghost Funk Orchestra

Ghost Funk Orchestra are a funk rock throwback band out of New York.

They recently released their third album, A New Kind of Love, Karma Chief/Colemine Records, and it’s a must listen for anyone who enjoys a nice, funky bass. The vocals are somewhat sparse and secondary to the music on this album, although what vocals there are are outstanding. “Your Man’s No Good” kicks things off with a very classic funk/soul vibe before moving into “Scatter” which, as the name suggests, uses a lot of scatter-time drums. “Prism” really slows things down in a sexy way. The title track is actually divided between two parts, with “A New Kind of Love (pt. 1)” offering a sultry, slow burn with its jazz-funk vibe. “A Song for Pearl” dials up the jazz vibe with a smooth saxophone. Finally “A New Kind of Love (pt. 2)” finishes off the album with a sense of energy and hope. It’s really a fun listen all around.

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Grave Danger

Grave Danger are a self-described goth-ska collective out of Chicago, Illinois.

Halloween may have passed, but if you’re still in the mood for some spooky fun, Grave Danger put out a new single recently for the holiday called “Wake the Dead” and it’s a lot of dark fun. As the band sillily sing about their love of caffeine in the morning, they manage to move into some jokingly dark territory with some gothic elements. It’s a fun little ditty to play to wake you up in the morning after a rough night of whatever suits your fancy.

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Ultra Dust

Ultra Dust is the shoegaze/post-punk solo project of Mason Poscho out of Austin, TX.

This project recently put out a new single called “Steep,” and it’s a really raw, post-punk style song with a strong rhythm section for this kind of band. The bass riffs are haunting, and the drumming is just as powerful. The vocals get really distorted and primal like an old ‘90’s, midwestern emo band. It’s a visceral song that really cuts you to your core, but in a good, cathartic way that will make you feel cleansed at the end.

You can follow Ultra Dust on Twitter to keep up with this artist.

TV Moms

TV Moms out of Brooklyn, New York describe themselves as a gutter rock band.

They’re on a European tour right now, so if they’re coming your way, you might want to check out their LP from last year called Buzz Mallory. It’s got a real early-‘90s grunge vibe a la Nirvana and The Melvins. It starts out with “Creeps Like Him” with its distorted vocals and darkly infectious melody. “Axe Ray Body Spray” has a bass line and vocal that could have been ripped straight out of Nirvana’s Nevermind. “Generation Loser” reminds you that grunge could have some sick pop hooks in addition to all the grimy gloom. “Buzz Hut” has some truly gorgeous, big, chunky power chords that make the song a lot of fun. “Future Muffin” caps off the album with a little less distortion on the guitar and, again, vocals that are deeply influenced by Nirvana. It also has something you almost never find on albums anymore: a hidden song at the end of the track, and it’s a big, hard-rocking good time in and of itself.

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NETN are a noise rock trio from Ferrera, Italy.

They recently put out a self-titled album digitally on Bandcamp, with physical releases to follow in future months. For a noise rock their vocals are shockingly almost…decipherable. “Old Man” opens the album with a sense of immediate urgency and power. “Panic” evokes the very emotion that its title suggests with the noisy guitars and driving drumbeat. “Baboon” similarly evokes a sense of anxiety, but also serves as a powerful release of that anxiety. Finally “Gerda” is a big more bass-heavy with a steady, rhythmic drumming that really carries the track.

If you like what you hear, you can keep up with the band on Facebook and Instagram.

There’s plenty more band to check out and support this Bandcamp Friday. Please do your part to support independent artists like these.

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