Bandcamp of the Day: Kill Shelter/Death Loves Veronica

Kill Shelter and Death Loves Veronica are the deathwave/post-punk solo projects of Pete Burns and Veronica Stich, respectively. Burns is from the U.K., and Stich hails from Texas.

The pair are putting out a collaborative album called The Sex Tape Sessions EP. The first single, “Sex Tape,” is now available on both artists’ Bandcamp pages where you can also preorder the album on vinyl, CD, and cassette. The VHS tape of their music videos is, sadly, already sold out.

The track is a very synth-heavy darkwave track with an infectious dance beat. Stich’s vocals add a sultry quality to the dance track that makes it just some truly classic post-punk/post-industrial style. The video is also streaming on the Bandcamp page, where Stich is seen singing the song through the viewfinder of an old, VHS camcorder in a tribute to classic technology.

You’ll want to follow Kill Shelter on Facebook and Death Loves Veronica on Instagram to keep up with future updates.

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