Last Point are a cool bunch of skater dudes who put down their decks long enough to make a band happen. Their latest EP A Beaten Path is kind of exactly what it says on the tin: A collection of melo-punk jams in the vein of NOFX and Face to Face, with some buzzy third-wave ska tossed to give it to give it that extra crank of dancy Suicide Machines-esque twist.

“Redeemer” is a chunky pound and high-fiving, half-pipe through bandsaw guitar licks and reeling vocal hooks. “Sea Sick” starts out with some good old-fashioned gang vocals before picking up speed and heart for a full-on “Linoleum” by way of Hot Water Music charge. And the fun doesn’t stop there, be sure to check out the winding, free-wheeling and dealing, emotive-core skank of “F.U.F.N.” before you check out for a day at the beach!

You can stream the entirety of Last Point’s A Beaten Path via Bandcamp below:

Get a copy of A Beaten Path here.


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