You may know L’Homme Absurde best as the Russian based hardcore and black-gaze gale-force wind storm emanating from the multi-instrumentalist and mic-gnasher A. aka Alexey. But did you know they’re also fans of the Cure? This is a hyptehtical question, because of course they are!

Three seconds into the opening track of L’Homme Absurde’s thrid full-length studio album Belong, released independently earlier this year, and you’ll be choking on the abient aresal of Robert Smith’s hair spray.

To celebrate L’Homme Absurde’s appreciation for their gothic forefathers in these most absurd of times, the band has released a cover of “Siamese Twins” off of the Cure’s 1982 album Pornography. The band gives the soft and jangly track a brutally, oppressive make over in their signature style. Check out the cover track below:

And here is the original for comparison.

Get a copy of L’Homme Absurde’s latest album Belong here.


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