Bandcamp of the Day: Like No Tomorrow

Like No Tomorrow, or LNT for short, are a punk band from Warrenton, Virginia.

The band just put out a new EP called Dialed In, and it’s six tracks of pure, unadulterated punk rock. “Not a Pleasure” comes on like a heart attack with its unrelenting assault of chaos and sound. “Wasted Potential” hits even harder, starting out with speed and never letting up.

Then “You’re On Your Own” starts off slow and deliberate before hitting its stride and letting loose. “Johnny Scum” has a powerful drumbeat that kicks off the song and becomes its powerful backbone. “HTF” focuses on the bass in the shortest song on the EP. Finally, “Nothing On Me” with its walking bass, gives way to some classic punk. It’s just a classic punk album for classic punk purists.

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for future updates.

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