Bandcamp of the Day: Like What

Like What are a synthpop project with heavy darkwave influences from New York City. They recently put out their sophomore album called Unpunctuated, and its streaming on their Bandcamp.

If you’re ready to be smothered in synths, have I got the album for you! The opening track, which is also the album’s title track, keeps all the joy of synthpop but keeps that darkwave sinister undertone. Then “Out Alive” turns up the darkness even more to create an impressive soundscape of darkwave sadness.

“Time to Let Go” is the record’s big single, and it’s quickly easy to see why as the musically dense track is complimented by the striking and haunting simplicity of the vocals. “Burn” is the last track on the album which seems to be part of the album proper, and it’s got a lo-fi simplicity to it which pairs surprisingly well with how starkly dark the vocal performance is.

Following that, there’s a dance mix of the title track which turns it into a deliciously dark disco tune. Then there’s the instrumental tracks “The Red Raven’s Kiss Theme” and “Anti-Wonderful Theme” which, we’re told, are the themes to upcoming horror movies, and they demonstrate the project’s amazing talent for creating a creepy feel. This could be some great mood music for your upcoming Halloween parties.

If you LIKE WHAT you hear (see what I did there?) you can follow this project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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