It’s not every day that you come across a two-song 7″ with the emotional weight of a full LP, but that’s what Lilac Queen has on offer with their latest release Things Are Different Now. Both tracks, opener “Fences” and closer “Piles” take you down a river of feelings with a grippy undertow. What’s amazing though is that you’ll never feel like your drowning in these waters as they’re not turbulent. It is possible to have big, seemingly overwhelming, emotions and process them as an adult, which is what appears to be going on here.

The Massachusets group has a sound that splits the pie between grunge, emo-revival, and shoe-gaze in roughly equal measure. So if you’re a fan of bands who fit into any of those categories, you might find something to enjoy here. “Fences” begins with a light, pop-psychedelic guitar hook that creates just enough of a wake for vocalist Lily St. Germain to surf on without losing her footing, with the whole lift and flow of the affair sounding a little like Slow Crush fronted by Hayley Williams, with detours into more acoustic territory, reminiscent of Harmony Woods at their most plaintive.

“Pile” strikes a more forceful quality from the outset with a wall of Pity Sex-esque feedback and fire, a comparison that is furthered by entwined co-ed vocals, seeing Lily dueting with her Dug Demars in a sustained upward thrust through the air, like the two are platonically slow-dancing while wearing jet packs that are in desperately burning up every drop of fuel in their fuselage. There are some top-line guitar melodies on this track that hint at a bit of Cure worship, but for the most part the grooves and hooks, evoke the snarl and snap of bands like Hundreth, and to a lesser degree, Adventures.

You can stream the entirety of Lilac Queen’s 7″ Things Are Different Now via Bandcamp below:

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