We’ve got a young one for you today, freshly caught from Bandcamp. Mad Mona are an Icelandic, hard rock act that formed in 2019. They just released their debut LP on September 25, a self-titled, self-released album recorded during the pandemic.

They’re also all tax-paying, law-abiding, family men, which you would probably not pick up on if you had listened to their music without any further context. They sound like a band that could have lit both sides of the Sunset Strip ablaze had they dropped this big, juicy meatball of an album back in 1987 instead of today.

As-is, though, they’re about the best possible version of either Guns N’ Roses or Mötley Crüe you could hope to hear in 2020.

Plus, they have much better, and less degrading relationships with the women in their lives. This might not mean much to anyone who had the misfortunate of watching The Dirt when it premiered on Netflix a few years back, but it still puts them in good standing in our books.

Their lead singer had COVID a couple of weeks back, so if you could throw the band a couple of bucks, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Hopefully, everyone has made a full recovery by the time this article posts.

Stream the entirety of Mad Mona’s self-titled debut below:

Get a copy of Mad Mona’s album here.


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