Bandcamp of the Day: Mirakler

Mirakler are a noise-punk band from Pittsburg. 

With a touch of grunge, metal, and sludge, this group’s approach to noise manages to maintain a sense of melody. The band recently released a self-titled seven-inch as a collaboration between The Ghost Is Clear Records and Reptilian Records. The two tracks, “Instant Drugs” and “The Shootist,” manage to have something rarely found in such experimental music: hooks! Somewhere in all of this chaos—and oh, there is chaos–there’s something almost traditional that binds everything together and guards off the excesses that can come with noise and other extreme genres. 

The digital version of the seven-inch is available on the band’s Bandcamp page, and the physical vinyl version is available on The Ghost is Clear Records’ Bandcamp page, as is Mirakler’s split EP with Moon Pussy. Don’t forget to follow this artist on Facebook for further updates. 

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