Bandcamp of the Day: Molekh

Molekh are an extreme black/death metal band from Ireland.

They just put out their latest album called Ritus on Bent Window Records. It’s currently streaming on both their and their label’s Bandcamp page. On the label’s Bandcamp you can also order the album on CD.

Opening track “Yetzer Hara” starts off with some ambient white noise before bursting forth into a full onslaught of extreme metal. The “Cruror Innocentia” continues that onslaught as two vocalists sing with contrasting styles, one singing in a deep grumble and the other emitting a high-pitched scream.

The title track gets a little slower, revolving around a guitar riff that sounds a little more like traditional metal than extreme death metal. Finally, the closing track, “Incubus,” is an incredible epic at nearly nine minutes long. The guitar, drum, and bass are in perfect sync here, creating a sound with a driving rhythm and furious guitar.

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Photo courtesy of Molekh

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