French DJ and producer Quentin Lepoutre is a born loser. Or at least that’s what the title of his debut solo album as Myd would imply. In reality though, the’s been tapped by rappers like Kenya West and Theophilus London, and singers like Dua Lipa to help smooth out their mixes and give them a chilled-out, pool-side with a shrimp cocktail kind of vibe. He was also been able to convince Mac DeMarco and Juan Wauters to do guest spots on his debut Born a Loser, so I’d say he’s cooler than at least 2/3rds of the people reading this article, and 100% of the people who wrote it ( me, I mean me).

On Born a Loser, Myd gets his fingers deep into the grooves and melodies of classic ’70s disco and RnB and ’90s house, and unspools them, one strand at a time, between the reels of a pocket-sized music box, to the effect of bringing these incredibly large and bombastic sounds into the realm of domestication where they can be enjoyed for their quirks and habits, like a little dog you carry around with you in your backpack or purse. Translation- minimalistic dance-rock to keep you company when no one else is home or your out enjoying the anonymity of the city.

The way these tracks come together are really gorgeous sometimes. “Together We Stand” slathers on Chic-esque rhythms over a moody house beat that will make you feel like you’ve locked eyes with the most beautiful person in the room at a house party. “The Sun” has a sunbathing, puckery and wavey guitar line that skips on the ebbs of the beat like a stone skimming the crest of onrushing waves before singing into the belly of the sea. Juan Wauters adds an entrancing hypnotic quality to the hazy drift of “Whether the Weather” and Mac DeMarco surprisingly helps to reveal the world-beat interior of the shiny new wave romp “Call Me.”

What helps Born a Loser make the impact that it does, is not only the intimacy that it conveys but also the levity with which it was constructed. The performances are extremely professional but seem to come from a playful and irreverent place. Like the starting point of each track began with Myd taking bits and pieces of electronic music’s past and combining them with ear wax and playdough and then smearing them over the grooves Gloria Gaynor LP to see where he could make them fit. He doesn’t have an orthodox approach but whatever he is doing, it’s definitely working for him- and us!

You buy and stream Born a Loser via Bandcamp below:

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