Bandcamp of the Day: Negative Fauna

Negative Fauna are a progressive/alternative rock duo made up of twin sisters Meybel and Bianca Guzman from Houston, Texas. The band recently put out a new single called “Petra Tetris” which is currently streaming on their Bandcamp.

I rarely quote an artist’s own description of their song, but in this case, I think that their description on Bandcamp of the song as “epileptic, chaotic, and transcendent” is spot on, as is their opinion that this song is their “magnum opus.”

In traditional progressive style, the song is especially long—clocking in at about six-and-a-half minutes—and moves through a number of disparate phases that come together to form more than the sum of its parts. The scatter-time drumming and frenetic guitar really create a sense of anarchy and chaos in this song, which gives it a unique and powerful energy. It seems to still be early days for this band, but this song demonstrates that they have the talent to go places.

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