Noosed are a crusty, noise enveloped hardcore band with an ax to grind. Or a rope to wind? They literally believe that humanity is staring through the ring of the executioner’s sliptie, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to shake us free before we plunge into the dark ebb of an airless sleep.

You think they’re joking? They are knot!

All puns aside, Noosed is a serious band. From their album art to the real-life revolves depicted in their videos (see above), they are a band that does not suffer an oppressor lightly. And they don’t believe you should either. They’ve just released their debut album Rise, via Trepanation Recordings and it’s worth your time today if you’re in need of kindling to keep the raging fire in your soul that sustains you, lit and healthy today.

Noosed’s sound is very much in train with frantic, sludgy, hardcore like Meatwound. A kind of Iron Monkey styled, acid-groove rock with the kind of blackened-death vocals you would expect from a band with a lowercase “d-” tag somewhere on their Bandcamp page, all packaged with a grotesquely feral production that will call to mind the tinnitus inviting audio sear of groups like City Hunter, Hoax, and Creep Stare. Mysterious guy hardcore, corroded in its resistance to conformity, fanatically determined to end the police state we find ourselves in the windpipe pinching grip of.

Oh, and did I mention Noosed is fast? Because they are! Fast for a modern hardcore record even. The reeling pummel of “Never Going Home” feels, both in pace, and fractious melody, to be grasping for the mantel of Napalm Death, while “Bleed” puts a cinder block on the accelerator and lets the song ripe right over a freeway barricade and into a police convoy headed in the opposite direction. “Going to Fall” really shows off the gut-level, sludge metal and bile-rush the band can pull off. And finally, “Rearranged” is a righteous rage missile, fueled by an industrial beat with a gurilla-sized grudge strapped to the warhead.

There are few bands who sound as convincingly dangerous as Noosed does on Rise. Stream the entire album via Bandcamp below.

Get a copy of Noosed’s Rise on cassette from Trepanation Recordings here.


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