Bandcamp of the Day: OC Rippers

OC Rippers are a punk band from Beachwood, New Jersey.

They have a new album out on Ruined Records called Happy Hours Air Travel Club and the digital version is currently available on their Bandcamp page and their label’s. You can also order it on CD on the band’s Bandcamp and on vinyl on their label’s. The album has a very ‘70s throwback sound a bit like a rougher version of the Ramones. “Mean Streets” kicks things off with some jangly guitars and expletive-laden lyrics. “Born to Fuck” is about as wild and debaucherous of a song as the title suggests. “LUVV Muscle” is one of the most fun songs on the album as it careens through with reckless abandon. “Nuclear Attack” ends the album on a note of pure hardcore punk fury and fun. It’s a great listen for any fans of ‘70s and ‘80s punk and hardcore.

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