Bandcamp of the Day: Padus

Padus is a one-man doom metal band from Rovigo, Italy.

He just put out a new album at the beginning of the month on Broken Bones Records called Oscuramenti, or Obscurations in English. The record is really unique as a doom metal album with no guitars but simply a distorted bass as the lead instrument.

In “Baptisterium,” that  bass plays slow, deliberate riffs with vocals that sound like an officiant leading some sort of dark religious service. The 11-and-a-half-minute opus, “Funerale Su Andromeda” is a very long and slow sound experiment that gradually winds up to a burst of pure noise. The closing track, “Profanitio en Loco,” ends on a sludge track that really shows the extent of what a distorted bass is really capable of.

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Image courtesy of Padus

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