Bandcamp of the Day: Parentz

Parentz is an electronic/synth pop act our of Oakland, California. The project intended to put out a new album a few years ago called 1989 but a certain pop star put out their album of the same name before Parentz could finish theirs. Some health issues forced Parentz to shelve the album for a while, but they’re finally ready to put it out, and the lead single and title track is available right now from the project’s Bandcamp.

Parentz’s 1989 is a moody yet brightl synth pop track that slowly swells up into a sense of hopefulness. The echoey vocals add an almost ethereal nature to the vocals that contributes to the feeling that this is something out of a dream or a fantasy. The gorgeous melodies add a sense of overwhelming nostalgic, which goes perfectly with a song called “1989.” It certainly promises for one hell of a full length album when we finally get to hear the whole thing.

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