Bandcamp of the Day: Period Bomb

Welcome to a short week, rockers! Period Bomb are an avant pop group from Miami, Florida. They’ve got a new album coming out on November 3 called Threat. The first four singles are streaming right now on their Bandcamp where you can also order the album on vinyl.

“Macho Bird” reminds us why this is called avant pop—because the song’s surf-rock style is twisted around with mathy beats to create something a little more bizarre. Then “Star 69,” with its sultry pop bassline, is instantly infectious while also adding a proper dose of weirdness to the proceedings. “Gay Bomb” has a perfectly off-kilter beat that matches perfectly with the disaffected vocals. Finally “Tap Dance #1,” contrary to its name, is a funk-based cacophony with a touch of free jazz that promises one supremely fun and weird LP when the full-length comes out.

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