Bandcamp of the Day: Pestilent Hex

Pestilent Hex are a black metal band based out of Uusimaa, Finland.

The band have recently released the track “Ashen Abhorrence” via Debemur Morti Productions.

The song creates a heavy atmosphere with the crashing of symbols that wrap itself around theatrics within its guitar-driven melodies. Screaming vocals are controlled, ascending and descending, making for an ear-pleasing connection. “Ashen Abhorrence” puts forth a darkened aura that’s delivered in a thematic way.

The song can be found on the band’s record, The Ashen Abhorrence due out July 8. The record features six chapters of music that tell a ghastly story complementing one another as it plays out.

“The track list is, by coincidence or by pure intuition, the exact same order as the songs were written chronologically. The same can be said about the lyrics. Not a very common or perhaps even practical way of writing things, but for this album, everything just seemed to flow that way. The first track set us mentally on a specific trajectory, and then we just let the story unfold, with the last track being somewhat of a summary and a conclusion of the whole journey musically,” the band say regarding the new record.

“The album is a concept album with a storyline that runs through each track. The lyrics and music were worked on separately at first, but there was some back-and-forth with us at a later point about the album’s narrative. The form and style of the music hugely affected the style the lyrics would be, as they should walk hand in hand—With this, I mean the choice of words and type of language used depict (or ‘paint’) a certain visual image and scenery that matches the sound. The story I wanted to tell was there already since 2015, as it is based on certain events. But it took me years to write it in the correct context and in a way that felt right for me, and Prestilent Hex proved to be the perfect channel for this.”

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