The new alias of ex-Talkies frontman Ray Seraphin, R.E. Seraphin is our Bandcamp of the Day, with his Tiny Shapes LP.

Playing jangling power pop, with elements of paisley pop and post punk, the album was engineered and co-produced by Jasper Leach (Tony Molina) and mastered by Matt Bullimore (The Mantles), and was written following a move from Austin to the Bay Area. 

Seraphin enlisted original Talkies rhythm section, Owen Kelley (Sleepy Sun) and Phil Lantz (Neutrals) to help create the songs, with all songs written by R.E. Seraphin, except “I’d Rather Be Your Enemy” by Lee Hazlewood.

Listen to the album on Bandcamp below, and grab a physical copy HERE.


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