Bandcamp of the Day: R U N

Our Bandcamp of the Day features Australian metal collective R U N, who have been steadily releasing a slew of new tracks from their forthcoming debut record.

Built out of decades of toil and experience within the Australian heavy music scene, R U N is a new collaborative project comprised of vocalist Lochlan Watt (former live member of Thy Art Is Murder/Psycroptic) and guitarist Mike Deslandes (YLVA/High Tension).

Within by R U N

With Watt’s current role as the long-running host of triple j’s metal program THE RACKET, and Deslandes’ credits as a producer and engineer for acts like Pagan, The Nation Blue and Iron Mind, R U N combines the duo’s love for extreme metal, hardcore and post-rock into a musical experience propelled in equal parts by despair and determination.

Opening with tremolo riffage and frenetic blast-beats, lead single “For You” is a blistering slice of metal melancholia, mixing feelings of torment and suffering with a self-affirmation of resilience and personal resolve. “There are several meanings tied up in ‘For You’ – it is a song born from extreme emotional pain, but it is also a song that looks forward while standing firm,” explains Watt. “It wasn’t written for others… it was written for the self, and where you take it from there is up to you.”

Additional tracks “Will Never,” “Find Peace” and the recently released “Within” further explore the collective’s expansive sonic palette, delving into the varying extremes of metal sub-genres, alongside animated videos from visual artist Patrick Galvin at Hollow Bones Studio.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic and its impact of the world of heavy music, details of a full album release are yet to come. Follow future tracks releases from R U N through their Bandcamp page here.

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