Bandcamp of the Day: Radiant Knife

Radiant Knife are a progressive doom metal duo out of Lafayette, Louisiana. They put out a new album last summer called Pressure, and it’s currently streaming on their Bandcamp where you can also order it on vinyl.

Opening track “Slumber” leads in with the synths to create something that’s more progressive than it is doom sludge, with a ton of powerful energy and a thundering fury. “Ghost Samurai” then starts to slow things down and get a bit more entrenched in long, booming riffs. “Phil Collins Was Right” is a hilarious name for a metal song and it shows a strange indebtedness to Genesis in the midst of its doom metal glory.

“His Capa Was Detated” is another brilliantly riff-heavy rager that’s accompanied on their Bandcamp by a darkly trippy music video. “Demon Legs” then ends the whole thing on some killer riffs that work surprisingly well when backed by synths, and it trails off into a long outro in this epicly long track. This is a definite must-listen for any fans of progressive metal.

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Photo courtesy of Radiant Knife 

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