Bandcamp of the Day: RBNX

RBNX (which stands for The Raddigan Brothers Noise Experience) are a hardcore punk band from Poughkeepsie, New York.

They’re putting out a new album on September 29 called Nothing Here is Yours on Patient Zero Records. The first single off the album, “Jah is Dead,” is streaming on the band’s Bandcamp where you can also preorder the album on vinyl or order a limited-edition t-shirt.

“Jah is Dead” already starts out with a clever title, riffing off the common Nietzschean phrase “God is Dead.” Musically, it’s unabashed hardcore at its finest, beating you around the head with simple guitar riffs and faster-than-light drumming. The song’s false ending at approximately the 90-second mark is a big part of what makes this song so successful because, after tying everything up with a musical bow on top, the song unleashes its fury once again to end in a much less perfect—and, therefore, much more punk rock—manner.

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Photo courtesy of RBNX

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