Bandcamp of the Day: RILEY

RILEY is an alternative R&B artist from Los Angeles, CA.

RILEY just put out a new album called City of Angels out on Thriller/InVogue Records that’s available on the label’s Bandcamp. It’s got a really glorious pop sound as RILEY moves effortlessly from pop hook to pop hook. After a brief intro track called “Did I Wake Up In Heaven or Hell,” it moves into the mellow flow of “Moncler.”

The beat is just absolutely dreamy and, in keeping with the City of Angels theme, angelic. “Prada Me,” which features 2AM Club vocalist Marc E. Bassy, glides over a really fun guitar with both vocalists showing off their skills. “It Never Rains in LA” is on the more emo end of R&B with its slow and steady beat. But if “It Never Rains in LA” slows down and turns up the emotion, “Crying in First Class” does even more of the same as the gorgeous backbeat offers the perfect accompaniment.

Follow RILEY here. 

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