Bandcamp of the Day: RISTRIDI

RISTRIDI is the solo project of metal guitarist Michael Woess from Munich, Germany.

Woess previously put out two solo albums under the name OMEGA POINT, but now, with a new band behind him and a more optimistic outlook on life, he’s putting out music under the name RISTRIDI now. RISTRIDI recently put out a new melodic metal EP called Dark Solstice which is streaming on his Bandcamp now, where you can also order the EP on CD.

Opening track “Dark Whispers” is a bit of a soft start for a metal album, but it helps to set up a tone of anxiety with its scatter-time drumbeat that seems to speed up as the song goes on. Then “Genesis” really unleashes the epic guitar solos and some borderline-blast beats that really open up the sound to make something bright and exciting.

“Perihelion” opens on one of the most killer metal guitar riffs you’ll ever hear, and it keeps repeating throughout the track to become the song’s backbone. “A Thousand Hearts” is a little more bass-heavy than previous tracks, but there’s this subtle use of string instruments and background vocals that build the melodic part of this melodic metal track.

Then “Dream Worlds” plays up the keyboards quite a bit to create something dreamy and ethereal in the midst of all the rampaging metal guitars. Finally “Break the Silence” closes the album out on a nine-minute-long metal epic with all the elements from the previous songs whipped up into one final frenzied cacophony. It’s a perfect album for any fans of melody in your metal.

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Photo courtesy of RISTRIDI

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