May 22 on Don Giovanni Records, That’s Why We’re Running Away, the latest record from Roadside Graves, will be released.

Roadside Graves have carved an exquisite sound in the new release with ounces of personality. The group have created a cycle of songs about acceptance, the struggle to accept defeat and loss, and whether to give up peacefully. 

It’s about finding comfort in seeing the reality of a situation and reckoning honestly with your own part in it. If the question is acceptance, one answer then is to run away—not alone, but together. This a record about living in the tiny space between “I want to leave” and “I want to believe.”

If you’re into country with a twist, these guys are right up your street.

Sit So Close
The Cutter
I Cried 
There Was a Way
The Sea Is Empty
Hotel Lights
I Wasted My Life
Dead Kids

Follow their Bandcamp here. 


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