Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rob Magill’s ‘Your Eyes Look Past The Field’ is a release filled with inspiration and charisma. Bringing you up to speed, Rob Magill is the label owner of Weird Cry Records, founded in 2013 and started recording solo material way back in 2010. Recorded between August 2016 and November 2017, the release was recorded in California City, Ojai and Ventura, CA. A demonstration of events that happened in a year, the large EP is a mixture of every genre you can think of. 

First track ‘The End of Drifting’ starts off with an eastern influence folk guitar. With a low tuning, the captivating resonance within this number is held throughout the almost 9 minute wonder with ease. Taking listeners through discovery of new sounds, Rob Magill doesn’t hold back. 

At almost 22 minutes long, ‘The Gathering of Collections‘ is progressive and experimental, but not the Genesis kind. Bathed in lo-fi melodies, the track takes near enough 2 minutes to find it’s feet. Slowly gaining momentum as it progresses, the avant-garde release feels inspired by jazz and American folk.  Rob’s vibrant voice let’s listeners feel like they’re listening to a gentle audiobook. 

Mojave Sax, May 2017, 2:10 A.M’ does what it says on the tin. A 10 minute wonder of pure, sleazy, lo-fi jazz. To hear it at it’s full potential, stick some headphones on at 2am and feel every note. Rob’s vivid vocals are a warming part of the storytelling in track ‘Spending time on a Mountain While it was Raining’, making it feel very avant-garde folk. ‘David and Goliath’ showcases that imperfections truly can be perfections. 

Overall, the EP is innovative and original. Armed with memorable moments in the rest of the release, Coated in moments where you think ‘what the hell is actually going on?’, that’s what makes the release so individual. It’ll leave you stunned, speechless and slightly confused. Creating music without a boundary, Rob Magill’s musical mind is out of this world. 


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