Bandcamp of the Day: Rusk

Rusk are an experimental, ambient, math-rock duo made up of twin brother Derek and Brent Gaines. They have a new album coming out on October 6 called simply Drums + Guitar Loops and the first single, “Memory Loss,” is currently streaming on their Bandcamp.

“Memory Loss” is an enigmatic, 15-minute song that seems to be more of a musical sound experiment than anything else. It starts slowly building a sense of mood with some light finger-picked guitars before the drums come in and start to give it structure. Over time, the drums and the guitars slowly build intensity to create something that increases in its immediacy with each passing minute. Eventually, the light guitars take on a stronger, more powerful force with a foreboding presence. Then it simmers down into mathy, disjointed rhythms going into the end of the song. The track is many things, but one thing it most certainly is not is predictable.

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Photo courtesy of Rusk

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