NorCal garage rock trio Sex Hogs II just announced five new tracks on their self-released Ride the Tusk cassette, and as a result, we’re celebrating them as Bandcamp of the day! The new tunes represent the band’s evolution from punk ’n’ roll pounders to catchier, jangly rock.

Since their last release, the band has added Greg Hopkins (West by Swan, Rookie 13) after playing a show of Motown hits with the bassist. Despite his duo fixation, drummer Nate Daly (Giant Haystacks, Scrams, Amarok) acquiesced when Greg completely tore it up at the gig. Dude rips! Guitarist and singer Johnny Meehan (Michelin Embers, Shankers) was pleased.

The five songs were recorded with Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City) of Antisleep Audio at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland. Cover drawing is by Albuquerque artist ¡Brapola!

Check them out and grab the album on Bandcamp. 


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