Bandcamp of the Day: Shorn

Shorn is a dubstep-meets-darkwave project out of Denver, Colorado. They recently put out a new single called “Robitaille” and it’s the first single off of the artist’s upcoming EP Slash/Slasher. “Robitaille” is streaming on Bandcamp right now for your listening pleasure.

The Bandcamp describes the project as “Born from a love equal parts 80’s horror movies and bass music,” and there’s no question that that’s accurate. The track plays like an updated version of the soundtrack to John Carpenter’s Halloween. It starts out with some simple and very creepy piano-playing before we’re swept away by the synths which are playing dark and sinister music. The bass comes in with the dubstep beat, and that plays off surprisingly well with the horror movie music. If you love horror movies, you’ll be delighted to listen to this new project.

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