Skullsmasher are gearing up for their next release, Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery, out next week via Selfmadegod, so we made them Bandcamp of the Day.

“Brandon Corsair (Draghkar, Azath, Grave Spirit) started Skullsmasher as an ode to the ancient days of deathgrind in 2017,” their press release reads. “Joined by Neil Tyrant and Vince Gutfucker on drums and bass, respectively, they recorded a demo titled Cranial Emulsification and released it on Night Rhythms Recordings. Shortly after the release, the band broke up. However, Corsair soon reformed Skullsmasher with Andrew Lee (Ripped To Shreds, Azath) on guitar/vocals in a ripping merger of both the sounds of the earliest days of grindcore. Assisted by Gu Ji on drums, the Californian trio quickly wrote and recorded Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery, a fire-breathing vignette of anger and alienation.”

Check out their Bandcamp here to hear more and preorder the record.


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