Bandcamp of the Day: Solt/Obsidian Shrine

Solt and Obsidian Shrine are a pair of black metal bands from Bloomington, Illinois and Franklin, Kentucky, respectively. These two artists put out a split EP earlier this year called In Consortium Diaboli on Planetary Kingdom Records and it’s currently streaming on both band’s Bandcamp pages where you can also order the split on CD.

Solt kicks off their half of the split with “Through Crooked Angles” that starts with some slow finger-picking before giving way to absolutely devastating metal vocals and drumming that alternates between hardcore punk and outright blast beats. Then “A Dying Age” gives us a really complex, disjointed, mathy beat under more screaming metal violence. “Our Lady of Pestilence” gets a bit mathy, too, again moving back and forth between punk and metal-style drumming.

Obsidian Shrine kicks off their half of the EP with “Ubiquitous Opposition” which starts with a brief intro of the sound of fire before ripping to life with brutal force. Where Solt got really mathy with their half, Obsidian Shrine seem to just go for straight-forward blast beats at an absolutely breakneck pace. “Call of Charon” is a little bit slower, but still a pummelling assault on the listener with vocals so extreme they’re blown out. Finally “To Dust You Shall Return” ends the whole thing in a metal frenzy of speed and fury.

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