Bandcamp of the Day: Spaceships Over Glasgow

Spaceships Over Glasgow may sound like a 1970s Doctor Who episode title, but actually it’s a one-man blackgaze project of Robbie Janzen from, surprisingly enough, Toronto, Ontario.

The artist just released a new single called “The Falling of Idols” with a b-side called “You Weren’t There.” It’s streaming now on the act’s Bandcamp.

First, “The Falling of Idols” has snarling, growling, metal-style vocals with heavy bass but with more tempered guitars. There’s a brief moment where the guitars roar to life, but that’s quickly replaced with a more shoegaze style under those same metal vocals. “You Weren’t There” is more of an atmospheric slow build that culminates in a massive, chaotic climax at the end of the track, all with those same snarling vocals.

You can follow this artist on Instagram and Tumblr to keep up with future updates.

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