Bandcamp of the Day: Spinebreaker

Spinebreaker are a death metal group from San Jose, California.

They’re gearing up for the release of their new EP on May 5 called Cavery of Inoculated Cognition. It’s streaming on their Bandcamp right now, where you can also order physical copies on vinyl, CD, or cassette, basically everything but eight-track.

The single, called “Spectral Forge,” is another one of those tracks that finds itself straddling the line between punk and metal. The drums and vocals are distinctly death metal style, but the guitars are very chord-based and show an obvious punk influence. It starts out fairly slow, though, choosing to be somewhat slower and more deliberate than most death metal. It never slows down to sludge-speed, but keeps a pretty even pace. Even when it picks up, it never gets blisteringly fast. It really gives you time to slow down and appreciate the music rather than simply being bombarded by a wall of sound.

You can follow them on Facebook to keep up with future updates from this artist.

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