Bandcamp of the Day: Spirit of Hamlet

Spirit of Hamlet are a punk supergroup from North Carolina featuring members of The Minutemen, Acid Mothers Temple, Clang Quartet, and more.

They’re gearing up for the release of their new album called Northwest of Hamuretto that comes out on March 17 on Broken Sound Records. The first three tracks from the album are up on their Bandcamp page. First, “Strike It Rich” has a walking bass that carries the song’s manic energy and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. “Sardine $” is a big, silly, noisy punk song that sounds like Devo crossed with the Dead Milkmen. “March of Rain” has, as the title suggests, a marching drumbeat that contrasts with the random and chaotic noise that floats through the track. This promises to be a wacky but clever album.

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