Swervedriver dropped a previously unreleased original recording of their debut EP, Son of Mustang Ford, to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

The EP, given a new name, Petroleum Spirit Daze, is available digitally and on limited edition vinyl via their Bandcamp.

The original EP came out in 1990, the first with Adam Franklin on vocals and the reformation of the band after their previous incarnation as Shake Appeal. Franklin comments:

“What I realize now listening back to this is that it’s almost like Shake Appeal playing Swervedriver songs.The sound is dry and clear but tentative, particularly with the vocals where I hadn’t yet found a singing style of my own and was caught between my natural voice and the more rock ’n’ roll stylings that had come so naturally to my brother Graham Franklin as singer of Shake Appeal.

“Furthermore Graham had appeared on the recording of the original Son of Mustang Ford demo, singing the “petroleum spirit daze” call-and-response lines which were inexplicably left off of this version but reinstated for the eventual Creation release. We were actually never that enamored with the sound of the final re-recorded EP that came out on Creation but McGee had made the correct call and the record that came out did have the required zingy ‘x factor’ that led us towards the first recording we were truly happy with—the Rave Down EP that followed in November of 1991—and everything else that came after that.”

“But, the spirit of Swervedriver was in there. We weren’t overly angry young men—we’re arguably angrier old men—and we didn’t write so much about the things that riled us up, preferring to conjure up a sense of magic, excitement, and escape—to other places, other planes, even other planets—and we mixed up guitar experimentalism with our own, peculiar brand of power pop and songs about cars, love, and UFOs.”

There’s not many of the 1000-limited-run vinyl left, so grab one while you still can.

Check out their Bandcamp here.

Photo by Martyn Goodacre


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