Philadelphia-based Swim Camp is the lightly psychedelic and acoustic guitar project of Tom Morris. He is releasing a new two-track EP tomorrow via Know Hope Records, an unassuming pair of compositions with a frenetic undertow. As a trained jazz drummer it is no surprise that Tom is able to craft smartly layered tracks that manage to feel transportive despite their components and simplicity. Tom takes a fair amount of inspiration from his fellow Philadelphians Alex G and Spirit of the Beehive, a fact that is apparent from the earnest, clear-eyed and confident vocal performances he delivers as well as the way in which he allows his compositions to trust fall at intervals into a current of amp sweating, feedback and cast-iron guitar sizzle. Despite being primarily an acoustic affair, Tom is able to hold his own in the presence of fuzz gods like J.Mascis with his own, sharper but more subtle dispatch of treble and trepidation.

You can buy and stream Swim Camp’s new EP below via Bandcamp:

Get Swim Camp’s EP on vinyl from Know Hope Records here.


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