It’s an absolute pleasure to have U.K.-based sludge band Telepathy featured as our Bandcamp of the day. Their upcoming third album, Burn Embrace, is due for release on March 27 via Svart Records, and lead single “Pariah” is a great marker for what the band has in store for us. Have a listen below.

Calling Telepathy just “sludge” is a bit like saying the Eiffel Tower is “tall.” Sure, you’re not wrong, but you’ve kind of missed the point. This band are able to take the pounding riffs of sludge and doom, alongside the musicality of many post metal groups, and neatly bind them all together in a distinctly blackened package.

This sound has been somewhat dubbed as “epic doom,” and in all honesty, that’s a great summation of what Telepathy have offered us on all their releases.

The group’s Bandcamp, which includes pre-orders for their upcoming album, can be found here.


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