Bandcamp of the Day: Tengger

Tengger are an electronic family band hailing from South Korea and Japan.

They have a new album out on November 11 on Ramble Records called Earthing, but you can preview the entire thing right now on Bandcamp. The album is made up of achingly beautifully constructed soundscapes. The opening track, “Exhale,” really builds on repetition to create an imitation of breathing.

“Cicadada” has a really gorgeous synth part that’s far more appealing than actual cicadas. “Maunam” is a very subtle build-up that does an excellent job of building up anticipation and imitating sounds of nature. “Sairo” ends the album with a catchy tune with deeply haunting vocals. It’s a really unique record with a very different sound than what you’re used to from electronic music.

Make sure to follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

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