Set to release new album Kind on July 31, Montreal’s Thanya Iyer is the talk of the town. Known for her experimental movements of electricity, twinkling rock aura, and church-like hymns, the songwriter is proving how versatile her sound truly is. Melding the sounds of experimental pop and improv into its own realm, the genre-bending artists colors any musical palette with elegance and ease. 

Thanya mentioned about Kind, “To me—the story behind Kind represents a journey. A journey filled with questions that travel around grief, depression, anxiety, racism, disability, chronic pain, healing, self love, and giving that love outwards to the relationships around you. The creature in the film represents yourself, everything that you don’t want to face. But it’s important to love every part of you, including the parts that are hard to face and difficult to let go of.

“The journey of loving yourself is supported by your loved ones (your friends, your fam, your community, your people) but at the end of the day, you have everything within you; all the strength is inside that you need to help yourselves, love yourselves, honor your good, your bad, and the high/low tides of life.”

Concluding acceptive and resolve, the upcoming album is a must-have in anyone’s collection. Be Kind to yourself always and treat yourself to this magical wonder!

Check out the Bandcamp here.


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