Bandcamp of the Day: The Downstrokes

The Downstrokes are a garage punk band from Frostburg, Maryland. They recently put out a new album called This Close to Vertigo and it’s currently streaming on their Bandcamp where you can also order the album on CD or vinyl.

What’s great about this album is that it manages to keep a sense of melody despite having almost Pussy Galore-levels of noisy chaos. “Kaput” opens the album with a simple, classic garage rock melody with a classic punk rock sense of nonchalance. “Strays” opens on the sound of a subway train before launching into a song reminiscing about their young days in the punk scene.

Then “Moral Dilemma” comes in as the songwriter takes a brave, bold look at their own moral shortcomings. “Go Nowhere Kids” is a classic punk-style anthem about wayward youth ending up in a dead-end situations reminiscent of The Offspring’s “The Kids Aren’t Alright.” “UFO Baby” is a hilarious little ditty about picking up a girl at the bar who may or may not be an alien from another planet. The title track closes out this album in a visceral description of a panic attack over a catchy pop punk tune.

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