The Messthetics are set to release a new record, Anthropocosmic Nest, on September 6, and to get you ready, we made them Bandcamp of the day.
You can already stream the record’s second track, “Drop Foot.” This fall, the band will head out on tour once again, including a number of shows in Texas as well as their first trip to Australia, where they’ll perform alongside The Mark of Cain.
Recorded at the band’s practice space throughout 2019, Anthropocosmic Nest more perfectly captures the trio’s current live dynamic, complete with improvisational tangents, playful experimentation, and cathartic sprawl.
When The Messthetics recorded their debut album in 2017, the trio had only played a handful of shows and had yet to fully find their footing on stage. In a way, those compositions were a template for the band that Pirog, Lally, and Canty hoped would come into being through subsequent work on the road.
Since then, The Messthetics have played upwards of 200 shows across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Their dialog as a performing unit has necessarily focused and intensified. As a result, Anthropocosmic Nest offers a more varied vision of the band. It’s the loudest the trio has ever been and also the quietest. It’s the most tuneful and also the weirdest. Patiently multi-tracked melodies are juxtaposed against visceral, in-the-moment improvisational crosstalk giving way to post-human squelch.

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