Bandcamp of the Day: The New Restaurants

NYC indie rock/post-punks The New Restaurants released their new record, Wrong Place at Wrong Time, on September 4. The Devo-esque second single from the album “Dug Up Proust” tackles screwing over the 1 percent and whether technology will save us all.

The mysterious New Restaurants formed when Doug and Beau decided to play music together again as a side-project of their current bands (Miniboone [Doug] and Robot Princess [Beau]). Recording demos in 2014/2015, by 2016, they had enough songs for a live set and brought Rich DiGregorio (Gunfight!, Natureboy) and Roger Lussier (Pretty & Nice, Yale MA.) onboard to complete the line-up, playing their first live show in January 2016.

The band have also performed under the alias of Taylor Slow at Halloween every year since 2016, as a side-project to their side-project, playing T-Swift songs in a slowcore style. They released a recording of these songs, Slow, in 2018. 

Treat yourself to a copy of Wrong Place at Wrong Time here after giving “Dug Up Proust” a listen below.

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