Our Bandcamp of the day features Canadian black metallers The Projectionist with the first single from their upcoming, fifth album, The Stench of Amalthia. This filthy first single, “Covetous,” was premiered through German publication Legacy and can be heard below.

What sets The Projectionist apart from their contemporaries is their literal focus on theatrics with a cast of characters which changes each album. Their forthcoming albums are being made as full operettas set to black metal.

Here’s a synopsis of the upcoming album:

In this second necrotic black metal opera, the story falls upon an aging, dying former Film Noire starlet, Amalthia Grahame, isolated in her palatial home. Her physician, Dr. Bendix, sends a young nurse named Evelyn to tend to Amalthia’s final days as a live-in nurse for palliative care. When left alone with the old, withering actress, gruesome and macabre events unfold to wield death, torture, and satanic forces against the poor, fragile nurse … and all who’d call upon the Mansion looking for her.

The Stench Of Amalthia is due for release April 17 via Moribund Records, and can be pre-ordered either on CD here or cassette here.


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