Bandcamp of the Day: The Remote Controls

Happy Friday, New Noise readers! How about some punk rock to finish off this long week? The Remote Controls are a punk trio from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Remote Controls released their self-titled debut album relatively recently. It is currently streaming on their Bandcamp page where you can also buy the album on CD along with a pack of band stickers. “I Don’t Want to Give a Fuck” has a pretty traditional punk vibe to it, but it’s also strongly melodic, making for a sort of ‘90’s underground punk vibe. This is a band that could have fit in nicely on Lookout Records in their heyday. “Haymarket Drunks” takes that up a notch, offering some even more gorgeous melodies amongst the power chords.

“I Am Spartacus” eases back on the melodies to focus on power and aggression. Very similarly, “Repeat Offender” manages to add a touch of hardcore and skate punk to their sound. “Otto Pilot” is a tea fun, catchy, blisteringly fast tune that will get instantly stuck in your head. “It’s Scientifically Proven (So Fuck Off)” is a song in the traditional punk style of being so short its length barely exceeds the length of the title. The lyrics, meanwhile, rage against climate change deniers. Then “Warren” brings back some of those amazing melodies from earlier in the record. Finally “Railroader” finishes the album off with some classic hardcore style with some real flare on the almost bluesy vocals.

This album is a truly beautiful capsule of different types of hardcore and pop punk that combine together in different ways to make all kinds of wonderful noises. This is a band who truly understand punk.

You’ll definitely want to make sure and follow this particular band on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with any of their future updates.

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