New Jersey pop-punkers Three Cheers Too Late are due to release their new EP, Ernestine, later this year. It’s a relatable record focussing on the uncertainty we all feel when considering what happens when our lives end.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one, vocalist Anthony Santiago channeled his emotions into new single “This Might Be It”: coarse guitars and melodic vocals blended into an intense, fast-paced song filled with punk-influenced guitars, and frustration stemming from a line often repeated after a loss: “they’re in a better place.”

Santiago comments: “I want to believe there’s something after this life, and I’m honestly just waiting for a sign from my loved ones who have left this life before me to say that it’s alright and that there is something more, that they are OK, and that we will meet again someday. That’s what this song helped me express, and I hope it’ll help others struggling with a similar situation.”

Keep an eye on the bands’ Facebook page for more details on the Ernestine EP, check out the skate-punk infused single from their 2019 EP Don’t Expect Me, “Kicked In”,on Bandcamp, and watch the video for “This Might Be It” on YouTube below.

Photo courtesy of Three Cheers Too Late


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