Bandcamp of the Day: Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture are a heavy punk band based out of Connecticut.

The duo showcase their talents in creating humorous undertones within their newest track “Little Monsters.” The song is a mesh of monotone-uneven vocals that contrast elegantly alongside the stand-out presences of bulky punk accents. 

“I just wanted to write a cute and catchy song about monsters,” says vocalist Jim Clegg.  “Compared to the werewolves and aliens of our January EP Twist the Knife, these monsters are a lot more kid-friendly! Our toddler cries when I put on “Twist the Knife,” but he actually likes this song.” adds guitarist Jessie May.

Turkey Vulture’s  2022 EP release, Twist the Knife, features songs that seem to follow the same direction of the duo’s latest single. 

Introduction track such as “Fijiprovide fast past punk melodies infused with their definitive heavy style of their music.

“Where the Truth Dwells” leans on the band’s heavier side, showing the band’s ability to create dynamics within their sound.

The EP ends on “She’s Married (But Not to Me)” adding a choppy, catchy and chaotic sound to the record. The band hones in cultivating a hook-filled fast-paced chorus leaving listeners interested in what more this duo will have to offer in the future.

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