Norwegian prog-grunge band Underwing will release their second EP titled Spirals on June 1 via Pinecone Records, and we are stoked to announce them as Bandcamp of the day.

Coming from the southern coast of Norway, Underwing create distinct sound and a unique expression by molding together inspiration from genres such as prog, stoner, and grunge.

Through Spirals, Underwing are telling the story of how one comes across the same challenges and experiences repeatedly. “Life can be seen as a spiral where you’re constantly widening your perspectives and changing your behavioral patterns based on what you learn,”says frontman Enyeto Kotori.

Spirals will be released both digitally and on vinyl. The vinyl printing is limited to 100 copies, numbered in blood, and released via Pinecone Records.

Check them out on Bandcamp and look out for the new record.


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