Unfold formed in 1996 in Switzerland. The hardcore metal band is composed of five members: bassist Bastien, vocalist Danek, guitarist and keyboard player Elie, lead guitarist Ian, and drummer Laurent. The band’s debut album was titled Pure, and was released in 2000 through Earache Records.

Unfold went on a long hiatus which lasted until 2011. The band reunited and recorded a new album, Cosmogon, that same year. Banshee O Beast is the band’s latest release through Division Records, and we’re excited to call this post-metal goodness our Bandcamp of The Day!

Banshee O Beast incorporates a lot of groovy, post-metal elements and intriguing vocals. If you’re a fan of Cult of Luna, Breach, or Neurosis, this record is for you!

Buy the digital album here.

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